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Bike Sharing is coming.

Today I am more than delighted to introduce myBike, a bike sharing concept rolling out to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2012. While I can't reveal too many details yet, I can show off the new introductory website and encourage you to sign up for newsletter updates.

myBike is being created by St. Petersburg residents, myself included. I've been involved for some time now, overseeing brand development and creating many of the components, including the logo, stationery and presentations, among other things. The most recent being mybike.org. As there are still quite a few things to work out prior to the official 2012 launch, the site is purely introductory at this point.

Using some whizbang CSS3 trickery, I integrated an animated background (sorry Internet Explorer users, it won't work for you) that will also feature some recognizable St. Pete landmarks over the next few months, so it's best you check back periodically. The site should also work just fine on most smartphones, so give it a gander even if you're out and about.